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Every professional gardener knows that vermicast is considered to be the “Gardener’s Gold.” This valuable dark brown humus type substance will greatly enrich your garden soil and help produce the most luscious plant life a gardener can hope for. Vermicast is actually the castings or waste material given off by worms. It is a proven growth enhancer for plants and is extremely rich in soluble nutrients and teaming with microbial life. This so called “Gardeners Gold” has the ability to suppress various diseases and garden pests in your garden and on your plants. Like other fertilizers, vermicast has high levels of nitrate and the plants in your garden are able guaranteed to be able to readily absorb this type of nitrogen and grow rich and lush plant life.
Even though Vermicast is worm excrement, it is not smelly like other fertilizers can be. Commercial worm farmers grow the worms and collect vermicast and bag it for sale to the general public. You can find it at your local garden shops and discount garden centers. If you have the time, information and the interest you can make vermicast yourself. All you need is the right kind of worms and a few basic materials. Just feed your worms the right kind of organic material and they will naturally do the rest.
When applying packaged vermicast to your garden, make sure you get it near the roots of your plants so it can be quickly absorbed and taken in. It is a fantastic soil conditioner that can be used for starting new plants also. You can use it on your fruits and flowers too. Mix it with your potting soil to get the best mixture for your new potted plants.
You can always count on using vermicast to help grow robust and healthy plants. It will help the soil to retain water and thereby decrease your watering interval frequency needs. Using vermicast is a great way to help save water usage. Vermicast is a life giving substance that will promote the root development of every plant that is being fertilized with it. Gardeners should use vermicast to increase the organic content in their soil and thereby produce healthier plants. Vermicast will yield better tasting vegetables and fruit than other types of fertilizers will. The home gardener will simply be amazed at the increase in yield that they will get when they are using this product. The taste and texture of the fruits and vegetable being grown will be far healthier and better tasting than any others that are grown without vermicast.
Most worm farming is done with the intention of harvesting the product that worms produce which is vermicast. Worm farmers feed their worms organic material that can be found in normal compost piles so you can be assured that the castings are of the highest quality that will benefit your gardens growth. Worm farmers like to farm a certain worm, the red wiggler or red-worm. This is by far the very best worm that can be farmed to produce vermicast. Plant your flowers, fruits and vegetable with vermicast for the best yield, both in quality and quantity.
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