Gardening Tools

Walking into a freshly manicured garden is a great stress buster. But good garden isn't possible without the right gardening tools. Many people have taken up gardening as a hobby. But they are at a loss as far as buying the best possible equipments that can make their little green lung breathe fresh the whole year round.

There are different gardening tools for various gardens and only a handful is common to all. Did you know there were as many as ten different gardens to grow? For example a good soil turner in a back yard vegetable garden would be utterly useless in a xeriscaped garden (or a simple flower bed and shrub garden) in the front lawn. Basic home gardening tools also differ from the more professional ones used in agriculture and horticulture, which cultivate acres of green land. So before landing into a speciality garden store and getting confused with huge lawn mowers and different types of rakes know which will be the best tools for up keep of the garden. Different kinds of gardens need different gardening tools.

Here is your best bet depending on the size and type of the garden (unless you have a front and back yard that require more gardening tools).

1) For a medium sized garden avoid buying a huge mower. It will not only be expensive but also take up storage space in the garage or attic. And then who will mostly do the mowing? Men are generally better than women as they can handle bigger gardening tools. It is also sufficient to say that a mower in a vegetable garden will be equally unnecessary.

2) Have you ever used secateurs? If the sharp blades are not used properly, they may damage the plant completely. If you have never handled gardening tools before, try something blunter and cheaper to get a good hold on the hand. Secateurs can eventually be invested in after good experience. Since there are many models pick those, which have blades that can be sharpened from time to time. See that the model you select gives a good grip on the hand while working.

3) Have you made a border around the garden plot with some hedges? Then you may need a hedge trimmer. They are ideal for manicuring the hedges and making them look beautiful. This way you can also control the way the hedge grows. Branches growing out can be cut so that they do not block the free way.

4) Forks and shovels are the most needed of gardening tools. In fact any kind of garden would require these tools. Heavier forks are good for turning hard soil in the vegetable gardens or desert gardens where less what is used. A good quality shovel is best used for moving the dirt, mud and clearing the soil. It is best used with a spade.

5) If there are large shrubs or trees a pruning kit is essential. A small hoe along with it removes weeds.

Important Gardening Tools

Sprayer : One of the essential tools for keeping the garden fresh is a sprayer. They are now battery operated and with few leaks. Even if you get the plants and flower seeds from the best nurseries, you will have to buy a sprayer. To keep them in working condition ensure they are cleaned after every use.

There are different kinds of sprayers. The compressed air spray is the most common one. They have an extension angler and a nozzle rod. The contents in the tank need to be shaken often. Sprayers with brass tanks are expensive. But they do not rust and are long lasting. Power sprayers operate with electric or gasoline motors for bigger estate gardens. The bucket pump and a small barrel sprayer are used by many gardeners.

Sprinkler : One of the most soothing activities is sprinkling the garden and keeping it breathing. The latest sprinklers come with water timers, which are attached to the tap and sprinklers. They control the water flow. The best are the ones, which have gradual opening and closing of the valves. Choose ones that don't damage the pipes by hammering the water down. They are simple and easy to use with the help of timers. Just learn how to switch on and off at the right point.

Automatic hands - off sprinklers are also good for the lawns. Good to conserve the water too.

Bulb Planter : This gardening tool rarely comes with any instructions! Use one that well compliment the soil in your garden. The basic model has a metal cone with teeth. The ones with wooden grips are good. Another one is the easy-squeeze, which has spring with a plastic mechanism.

If the garden is not vast the line of bulbs on the drive way will be sufficient to decorate the lining of the garden border. At the best a trowel would be the best gardening tool for it. In case there is more space for the bulbs, a bulb planter will be required. It is one the best power gardening tools.

Purning Saw : Each garden is considered unique and some may need pruners. Some of the new pruning products that have entered the market include by pass pruning sheers, deluxe by pass pruning blades, tea pruners, swivel grass sheers, rachet pruning sheers, rust free trimmer blades.

The pruning saw is an important gardening tool for using on large tree branches. Women may prefer the Japanese hand tool version to cut the branches. The chain saw ones are apt for men working on the dead stalk, removing dead branches and perennials or even to trim the roses. There are no alternates to these tools.

Glove : New gloves for gardening are more breathable and kind to the skin even after prolonged use. The spray on gloves is the latest for gardening enthusiasts. Protecting the hands while soiling is now much easier. The cotton gloves are now called black dots. Leather gloves are also used but now the ones with durable and stretchable fabrics are preferred.

There is a choice of performance gloves, lycra and leather gloves, coated gloves, rose gauntlets, canvas black dot work gloves. Did you know that gardening gloves were first used in the early middle ages in 1200s till Queen Elizabeth I made them popular in her reign?

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