Q - Is your service real or just a scam?

A - Of course real, we are a group of nature lover and want to see our world live long, beautiful and fresh. If you want to join your effort with us, please join our Fan Club (currently under maintenance), it’s FREE.

Q - Do I have to be a member to get free plant/seed/bulb?

A - No, You just have to visit related page and you will find Click Here link to apply for that plant/seed/bulb.

Q - Did I order too many plants at a time?

A - We suggest you to apply only one plant/seed/bulb variety each 24 hour.

Q - Where is the organization located?

A - We are from the land of highest peak of the world - Nepal.

Q - Where do these plants/seeds/bulbs come from?

A - We bought plants/seeds/bulbs from your local garden stores and ship to your address directly.

Q - Who pays for these stuffs?

A - We accept personal donations and also sell advertisement spaces on the website to collect fund.

Q - When I will be getting my free plants?

A - Your free plants will be in your hand after 60 days, if you are selected by our server side selection software.

Q - When will I know if I'm going to get these stuffs?

A - You will get email message immediately after you selected by our server side selection software.