What is Freeplant Network Worldwide (FNW) ?

Freeplant Network Worldwide (FNW) is a non-profit organization, which aims to distribute flower plants, seeds, bulbs and fresh flower bouquets - globally for FREE. We are growing non-profit organization and have only a year existence online. We are looking some partners across the globe to extend our global service network. Don't worry, we will pay you reasonable price for your plants, seeds, bulbs and fresh flower bouquets. Please email us at info@freeplant.net, if you want to be include in our global service network.

How is it possible?

'Nothing is impossible in this world' is our master theory. In fact, we receive donations from our valued supporters as well as we sell our web-space for business advertisements, which helps us to grow this non-profit organization. Also some organizations are supporting us by providing their FREE sample products to distribute for our valuable customers.

Who is behind Freeplant Network Worldwide (FNW) ?

Freeplant Network Worldwide was dreamed by Rajendra Chhetri in 2008 AD. There are lots of people, who support us to get today's popularity. We can't forget our donors and advertisers as they are the backbone persons to bring Freeplant Network Worldwide in this stage. Also, we are supported by strong group of writers, designers, developers, administrators and other individuals. If you’re interested to join us, we’re looking for more talented people, so be sure to check out our employment page.

What is Search Engine Presence?

Freeplant Network Worldwide is in top page with various keywords like 'Free Plants', 'Free Seeds', 'Free Rose Plants', 'Free Plant Seed', 'Free Plant Seeds', 'Free Flower Seed', 'Free Flower Seeds', 'free flower bulbs', 'Gazanias', 'Free Gardening Seeds' and more in Google search. We are getting hundreds of unique visitors daily from search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo and other search engines.