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Vegetable Seeds:

The latest mantra in gardening is using organic vegetable seeds. Chemical penetration in our lives has become so alarming that it has become necessary to get back to nature. What better way to do it than organic farming? The bets way is to grow organic herbs in the backyard or farms. What’s more, it is so cost effective that a business can be made out of it! Well, that is how small cottage gardens are now gaining popularity. Getting vegetable seeds and growing in the soil, in the backyard sounds primitive but then it is the most natural way to live healthy. Organic plants like marigold, sunflowers and dill are known to keep pests away from the garden.
Organic vegetable seeds can be purchased from safe shops selling gardening wares and having a comprehensive nursery. They give certified organic mixes to ensure that the plants germinating will be organic and healthy. Some vendors also have genetically modified seeds. These are not really recommended for private growing. Check the vegetable seed catalogue, local store before buying the vegetable seeds. There are also online stores that give the best organic seeds.
While the active vegetable gardener is going back to nature, it is interesting to note that some prefer to use seeds that have germinated through pollination, rather than being cultivated as cultures. Perhaps this is the best way to get back the taste in the tomatoes, broccoli or even sweet corn or any other vegetable than needs to be grown. When the birds or even insects carry the pollens or drop seeds wherever they fly the seeds grows on its own. This is referred as open cultivation. When such seeds are planted they give fruits and vegetables with natural flavours. Now that many meat eaters are turning vegetarians, the natural way of growing veggies is popular. These vegetables have more nutritional value also.
Growing a bumper crop in a small vegetable garden is not easy. It is better to use the seeds before they go stale and bring no results. They should not be exposed to air for long periods before they are put in soil. They tend to lose the moisture. All seeds may not germinate; hence a good stock needs to be put in soil. Learn how the seed germinates. For example if you are growing lettuce, tomatoes or zucchini, there are many seeds available. Vegetable seeds are also freely available via online portals of gardening. They also explain how the seed needs to be germinated for it to give a bumper crop. Heirloom tomatoes can be grown in the backyard successfully. Heirloom refers to the natural way of cultivation i.e via bird or insect pollination. For more than 100 years people have been growing these red tomatoes successfully.

Free Vegetable Seeds

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