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Indoor Plants

Indoor plant also called houseplant, using this plant in your home or office made your living more bright, natural & realistic. Similarly growing indoor plants is rather easy than the outdoor plants. There are numerous benefits of indoor plant and gardening. As we know that green plants release oxygen and takein carbon dioxide gas which we exhale during breathing. Indoor plants make our room natural and also brighten room, providing pleasant smell and a cheerful sight during all days. As we all know that the main objective of indoor plants is to decorate the rooms, homes, offices and the buildings. Other Shrubbery and plastic indoor plants cannot substitute the real indoor plants. We also feel relax in indoor gardening than the other gardening. Many outdoor plants can be used as an indoor houseplant too. We can make our time more cheerful by doing indoor gardening during the inclement months of winter. We can even try new outdoor plants to grow indoor, it helps in experiment of plants and is also challenge and fun of gardening.

Temperature for Indoor Plants


All kinds of indoor plants need an even temperature for their well being. Most of the indoor plants need comfortable warm room from 18-22 degree Celsius. But it can tolerate higher summer temperature up to 35˚C. Provided the atmosphere is humid. During night time drop to 2-5˚C is usually not harmful and cooler winter bring beneficial resting periods is most evergreen plants which are grown indoor. But don't leave the plants out on the windows during frosty weather.

Watering For Indoor Plants.


Many types of indoor plants which are planted in pots or containers are killed due to over watering. While the plant is growing actively it produce new shoots, leaves flower so it need more water than when it is dormant. According to the types of species plants requires various amount of water.



For tropical plants steamy atmosphere is essential. We can find many ways to increase humidity. First method is by find mist spraying directly onto the plant but wetting the leaves of some plant such as African Violets may cause spotting, fungus and disease. Mist spraying may be done twice a day in summer season when the days are hot and dry.

Types of Indoor Plants.


There are various types of indoor plants some are flowering and some are non flowering. Indoor plants includes Cactus, small shrubs and flower bulbs and much more variety of herbs. Most of these plants requires sunlight. There are hundreds if not thousands of varieties of indoor plants. The most common Indoor plants are as follows: .

1. African Violet:


It is relatively easy to grow and are long lasting. The plant likes lots of sunlight so it must be kept in sunny window but hot rays should be avoid during summer months. If sunlight is comparatively less then artificial lighting should be provided


2. Angel Ivy Ring Topiary:


Angel Ivy is known as Wire Vine. This topiary ring measure 12 inch tall and 8 inches in diameter.  The soil of this plant must be moist but not soggy. Angel  Ivy should not allow to sit in water nor become completely. The salts can damage the plant. The temp ranges between 65 and 80 ˚C we must not fertilize during non flowering season


3. Aloe Vera plants:


There are numerous varieties of Aloe Vera plants. Aloe plants can grow as small as an inch. Aloe plants are easy to grow and are yet slow growing. The thick, heavy leaves are filled with sap. Aloe Vera is used in tropical medicines, lotions, soaps and many more.

aloe vera

4. Amaryllis Flowers:


The word Amaryllis comes from the Greek word for sparkling. It is big, cheerful trumpet shaped blooms come in pink, red, yellow and few combinations of these colors. A single flower blooms 6 to 8 weeks after planting. It is grown up to two feet. It is found grown outdoor in colder regions.

Amaryllis Flowers

5. Begonia Flowers:


Begonia is popular in flowerbeds, for hanging baskets as container plants. It is good indoor house plants and it can tolerate shade as well. It is prized equally for their flower as well as their showy leaves.

Begonia Flower

6. Bonsai plants:


The word Bonsai means "tray planted". The plants are grown in shallow trays or containers. Plants that grow naturally and have small leaves are best. It is the trimming, pruning and shaping of the plant into a unique shape.

Bonsai Plant

7. Christmas Cactus:


It is so named because it is a flower that blooms a tiny red flower right around the Christmas season. It is easy to care in cool as well as dry condition. It can withstand long period of dry weather and soil need not be very wet. It live in fringe area.

Christmas Cactus

8. Coleus:


Coleus is very popular plants for container gardening as well as hanging basket for indoor as well as outdoor houseplants. It can be grown from seed or cutting. It needs sunlight but can tolerate shade as well. But it need soft soil that drains well.


9. Geranium:


Geranium are easy to grow and fit well in home gardens, container gardens flowerbeds. It has big, bright bloom and is easy to grow anywhere. It can be use to make a potted gift for friends for any occasion. It needs lots of sun so it must be kept in sunny windows or room and it prefer temp below 70˚C.


10. Impatien:


Impatiens grows in shady parts and makes excellent indoor plants and are showy in hanging baskets. It have glossyattractive leaves. It is easy to grow and will brighten up your home in winter.


11. Philodendrons:


It is almost easiest plant to grow indoor. It requires very low light so we can put them wherever you want in the room. It can be grown either in pot, tabletop or hanging basket.


12. Poinsettias:


Poinsettias is most popular plant during Christmas. It is Susceptible to cold and frost. It is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first ambassador to Mexico whp brought the plant back to his plantation in US.


13. Spider plant:


Spider plants are readily propogated and easy to care for. It is best grown in container and hanging basket where their shoots and tiny baby spider plants can hang down.

Spider Plant

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