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Wel-come to Shopping Department of the Free Plant

For fresh, high-quality flowers, plants, seeds freeplant's shopping department is here to full fill your dream. Our professional staff of florists will work with you to create beautiful, unique gifts for your special occasions. Not only do we providuece flower, plant, seed; we can deliver nationwide as well through our trusted network of florists. We even offer same day delivery at no extra cost for those last-minute gifts!

Code: FPN046
Price: US $ 23
Code: FPN045
Price: US $ 23
Code: FPN042
Price: US $ 25
Code: FPN045
Price: US $ 23
Code: FPN033
Price: US $ 25
Code: FPN024
Price: US $ 25
Code: FPN012
Price: US $ 25
Code: FPN019
Price: US $ 25

World Class Quality Flowers from Nepal

Nepal based online florist with the experience of successful floristry design. Using dedicated manpower & experience of flower cultivation to floral design and decoration, we deliver the outstnding quality to flower industry.

Quality of the product

We produce variety of species of plant & flower and exports to all around the world. Our main goal is to produce healthy plants and provide the plant and flower to produce healthy flower and plants.

Free Plant Network's World Green Revolution Project distributes varieties of plants world wide to save the world by Reducing Global Warming. Free Plant Network believe that green plant help to reduce the Global Warmaing. Please send your application, lucky winner will get free plants to their doorsteps. This is our first phase of the project. In Second phase every applicant will get the free plants to their doorstep. Click here for details informations.