Signet marigold

Signet marigold

Marigolds come in different colors, yellow and orange being the most common. Most of the marigolds have strong, pungent odor and have has great value in cosmetic treatment. There are many varieties of Marigolds available today.

The signet Marigolds produce compact plants with finely divided, lacy foliage and clusters of small, single flowers. They have yellow to orange colored, edible flowers.The flowers of signet marigolds have a spicy tarragon flavor. The foliage has a pleasant lemon fragrance. Signet Marigolds are excellent plants for edging beds and in window boxes.

How to grow Marigolds

The seeds of Marigolds (Tagetes) should be sown outdoors a couple of weeks before the last frost of spring, marigold seeds should be lightly covered once sown. When planting Marigolds they should ideally be grown in a sunny area of the garden that receives shade in the afternoon. The soil that Marigolds grow in should be organically enhanced and of pH 6 to 7.

If starting off indoors, then sow the seeds of marigolds about 7 weeks before the last expected frost of spring; they should be transplanted outdoors following the last frost. Germination of marigold takes from three days to two weeks and should be done at about 20 to 24 degrees centigrade. It is important to water the young marigold seedlings from below. When putting out into the garden space small marigold varieties about 15cm apart; medium species 30cm apart and large marigolds from 45 to 60cm apart.

Caring for Marigolds

It is fairly easy to care for members of the Tagetes genus such as Marigolds. They are both hungry and thirsty plants so fertilize and water frequently. Pinch back tall marigold varieties when young to encourage bushiness and give them a support. Dead heading of marigold will prolong the blooming season. Marigolds are annuals so if you require more plants then they should be propagated form seed.

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