A honeysuckle vine is easy to grow, vigorous and nearly indestructible. The trum" >

Honeysuckle VineHoneysuckle Vine

Honeysuckle VineHoneysuckle Vine

A honeysuckle vine is easy to grow, vigorous and nearly indestructible. The trumpet shaped fragrant flowers will attract hummingbirds and butterflies all summer long. The fruit produced by a honeysuckle vine will provide food for birds and small mammals during the fall. There are many different types of honeysuckle vines, and each will work in a variety of applications. The most common use for honeysuckle vines is growing along a trellis or fence, but many are also used as ground covers.

The requirement for care of honeysuckle vines is similar to that of their shrub-like cousins. Some honeysuckle vines are evergreen, while others are deciduous. All honeysuckle vines prefer full sun, but they will tolerate some partial shade. Honeysuckle vines will only need a moderate amount of watering in order to survive. Honeysuckle vines should be planted in the early spring, as soon as the danger of frost has passed.

The location for planting a honeysuckle vine should be prepared in the same way as any other perennial plant. They vines should be planted a minimum of two feet apart, to allow for these aggressive plants to spread fully. The honeysuckle vine should be watered thoroughly until the plant shows signs of new growth. The plant should be mulched with a thick coat of leaves, to retain moisture and provide the roots with shade.

Propagation of a honeysuckle vine is very easy to do. The easiest way to spread honeysuckle vines is by rooting. This should be done when new growth starts to appear in the spring. Cut a length of the new, green growth from the end of the honeysuckle vine, ensuring that several sets of leaves are present. The roots of a honeysuckle vine cutting can either grow in potting or rooting soil, or submerged in a vase of water. Once several roots are long and look healthy, it is time to plant the honeysuckle vine.

How to Grow a Honeysuckle Vine

If you are planning to grow a honeysuckle vine, make sure that you choose a location where the vine can receive ample sunshine. They should get at least 4 hours of sunshine daily. It is advisable to plant honeysuckle vine in the early spring. Use fertilizer or manure to replenish the soil. Honeysuckle vine grows well in acidic soil. You could test the soil's pH to ensure that it is in the range of 5.5-7. Plant the vines keeping a distance of at least three feet between them. This is done to ensure that the vines have enough space to spread. To allow these vines to climb, place a trellis directly behind the vine.

As far as watering is concerned, make sure that the soil is moist during the growing season. Don't let the soil become dry. When the new growth appears, the plant should be mulched with a thick layer of leaves. Mulching is required to preserve the moisture during the summer season. During the winters, mulching with leaves protects the roots of the plant. Another aspect which shouldn't be ignored is honeysuckle vine pruning.

Since honeysuckle plants are hardy in nature, you could prune them lightly during the flowering season. You must restrict yourself to light pruning in the first two years of its growth. After that, you could proceed with heavy pruning, but that must be done only when the plant is in the dormant stage. Untangle the vines and get rid of the dead wood and old growth. Since the vines follow an aggressive growth pattern, these can encroach on other plants and hamper their growth. So, prune them to protect other plants. Another important aspect is the protection of this vine from diseases. Along with bees, its sweet nectar also attracts insects such as aphids and moths which can cause a lot of damage. Spray insecticides if you see any signs of diseases such as powdery mildew. Follow these honeysuckle vine care tips to keep this vine in a good condition.



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