The daisy flower is the blossom of one the most popular perennials chosen for gardens everywhere. It's a natural for in" >



The daisy flower is the blossom of one the most popular perennials chosen for gardens everywhere. It's a natural for indoor vases, and there are literally dozens of different daisies to choose from. The most popular breeds are African Daisies and Shasta Daisies. These are great for those who are new to gardening, and those who enjoy the hobby but don't really have a green thumb.

When you grow daisies, year one is the year you plant them, and they will bloom from year two onwards. If your daisy flower plants get to crowding each other too much, you can separate or divide them and spread them out a bit. You don't want the plants competing with each other for nutrients. If they do, the blooms will be much smaller.

Daisies are happiest in full sunshine, and in well-drained, rich soil. But they are a very forgiving and hardy plant. They will tolerate lesser soils and some shade. They don't need much attention throughout the year, either. If you give them a bit of fertilizer when they are young, it will help your daisies to grow strong leaves and big stalks. If you want to help each plant to have an even more beautiful daisy flower, give it a fertilizer with a good phosphorous content right before it blooms.

Daisies are not very often bothered by disease or insects. They don't normally need any fungicides or pesticides. If you do have a problem with disease or insects, just treat your plants with a fungicide or insecticide at the first sign of problems, and that will usually take care of it.

Some of the most popular plants in the home garden are in the class of the daisy flower. They have earned their popularity outdoors and indoors by their attractive blooms, and their ease of growth. They are as at home in containers as they are in flowerbeds. And they are an excellent choice for arrangements and flower vases. They are often used as corsages for weddings and proms.

Most daisies are perennials, and the white-colored Shasta Daisy is among the most popular in that group. Some are annuals, with African Daisies leading the popularity in that category. People who are new to home gardening, as well as children, will find these plants easy to care for, and the perfect first plant to grow. If other flowers were as easy to grow as daisies, we'd have lots more types for beginners to choose from.

You can grow daisies from seed or by starts. You can simply plant seeds into a flowerbed, with good results. If you start them indoors, they may bloom the first year. Wherever you plant them, you will enjoy the perky and happy daisy flower.


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